dr smita Dr. Smita Patil BHMS (Mum) PGD Diet & Nutrition (Tulip International) Dr. Smita Patil is graduated from CMP Homeopathic Medical College Mumbai. She is practicing classical homeopathy in Pune. She has successfully treated many cases as of physical & emotional disorder, like Skin diseases, Hair Fall, Respiratory disorders, Women’s & child disorders, joints problems, Psychiatric disorders etc.
She has done post graduation diploma in Diet & Nutrition from Tulip International institute (Mum). She also treated many obese patient for weight loss.




Homeopathy is a well-described, scientifically based system of approaching health and disease. It is based on the law of similar’s, which means “like cure like”.Homeopathic medicine are prepared from the extracts of plant, animal, mineral kingdoms, etc. where disease can be treated by fascinating and powerful method of strengthening the body’s own defense system. When the person is unwell his mind, body, spirit is affected, homeopathy seeks to treat that whole person rather than just an isolated symptom.

Homeopathic remedies are often mistaken for herbals or dietary supplements, but, in fact, they are medicine. Quite remarkable ones indeed. Homeopathy is a natural medical system discovered two centuries ago by German physician and chemist, Samual Hahnemann. The fundamental principle of homeopathy is based on similia similibus curentur (“like shall be cured by like”) and uses active organic medicinal substances at infinitesimal doses.


Homeopathic medicines are manufactured using precise pharmaceutical methods in accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Unlike herbals and dietary supplements, homeopathic medicine manufacturing must meet strict FDA guidelines for strength, quality, purity, and labeling. Each homeopathic medicine is obtained from a precise and controlled process of successive homeopathic “dilutions”. This process de-concentrates the original organic solution and transforms it into a therapeutically active medicine.


For 200 years, homeopathy has proven safe and effective in treating a wide array of illnesses and injuries physical, mental, and emotional. A great number of scientific and clinical studies have been conducted, with more than 150 published in prominent medical journals worldwide. Homeopathic medicines are regulated and registered by the FDA. Because such minute doses of medicinal substances are involved, homeopathic medicines are extremely safe, carrying no risk of side effects, and are non-addictive. Even if one takes the wrong remedy for the wrong condition, it will do no harm. This makes homeopathic remedies especially well-suited for babies and the elderly. Because of their inherent safety, they are frequently used for treatment of self-diagnosable conditions. They provide a natural and affordable alternative to over-the-counter conventional drugs.