28 year female patient was suffering from Migrain from last 10 years. Symptoms were as follows ,
Severe Frontal headache < Night < disturbed Sleep, < Fasting
Hammering kind of headache used get better only with strong pain killers
Frequency of headache was 2-3 times a week,
No past H/o any major medical illness
App -normal
Thirst- normal
Bowels- normal
Sleep- mostly disturbed due to stress
Mind symptoms- After detail history, we came to know that patient was under tremendous family
stress, her father in law was very strict used to shout & throw the things in anger . her Husband
was not at all supportive. Patient was married since 10 yrs & her problem started after her marriage.
After analyzing the cause of her illness we started our treatment. Patient completely cured
within 6 months of her treatment with our clinic


A 23yr old female patient was suffering from grade 3 Acne, with redness of face & pus formation, she was suffering from this problem since many years. She has taken allopathic treatment from many places without cure We have taken all her detail history with physical & mental symptoms Patient was very depressed because of her problem . She had very low self confidence. She used to avoid going to college or used to cover her face through out the day. She was also having menorrhagia ( Painful Menstrual period) . After Analysis & evaluation we started her treatment . pimples stared getting better gradually . now her face is almost clear. No recurrence of symptoms since last 1 year


8 year old female child was suffering from severe asthmatic attack since her birth. It used to be very severe that patient had to hospitalized many times to relieve her symptoms she was on inhalers forocort 400 mg 2 puffs every day We have taken the detail case of this patient with mothers history during pregnancy, we came to know that her mother was suffering from skin problem during pregnancy & she used to apply steroids. Once we came to know the cause we started her treatment. Them slowly we reduced her inhalers, now since 2 yrs she is completely out of her steroids ( Inhalers)