Homeopathy is most popular amongst children for its efficacy, safety and easy acceptance. Homeopathy is used and preferred by many pediatricians (children specialists) in in person.There are many reasons why homeopathy should be given to children for treating disease condition in children.

Homeopathic medicines are extremely safe

No fear of side effects

Homeopathic medicines are quick and very effective

When children come down with a cold or the flu, you want to be ready withremedies. Otherwise, you may end up at the doctor’s office with a prescription for an antibiotic that might not be needed. Instead, make your own homeopathic kit and have these six remedies on hand at all times.

Below are the six remedies and the indications for which they are used. They can be taken in the 6, 12, or 30 potency every hour for acute symptoms, and then reduced to three times a day as symptoms subside. If symptoms do not improve in two days, move to another remedy.