I was suffering from severe Migrain from last 8-10 yrs. I was taking pain killers whenever I used to have headache. Before starting the homeopathic treatment at Dr. Smita’s homeopathy clinic I was on Tab. Sibelium & some sleeping pills, but I don’t wanted to continue allopathic medicines as it was not giving me any relief. So I started homeopathic treatment on March 2012. Dr. Smita took whole history of my problem, then started with medicines, I started feeling better from the first week itself. I took treatment for around 6 months , now I am much better . no episode of headache since last 1 year. I want to thank Dr. Smita from my heart, because I am now out of my suffering 

-Bindu Singh (Pune)

 I was suffering from PCOD with irregular periods. I am having two kids . my problem started after my second kid. I did not get periods for 1 year so my gynecologist told me I am suffering from PCOD & I have to take hormonal pills. So I took medicines continuously for a year, then I someone suggested me to take homeopathic treatment so I consulted Dr. Smita. I have taken treatment for 3 months when I was in Pune. now we have shifted to Kanpur, after the treatment I am getting my periods regularly. I don’t have to take hormonal pills. Thanks to Dr Smita.

-Reena Khushwaha ( Kanpur)

 My name is Mr. Mukesh Kumar, I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, allopathic dr told me to take some allergic & steroids medicine for 3 months, I took the medicines but my problem again started after 1 month. & It was very severe, I used to have continuous sneezing, watery nose, watery eyes, & headache , then I thought to take homeopathy medicines . when I started the homeopathic medicine . my symptoms became more, but dr told me to wait it will subside in 2 weeks, & same thing happened. My symptoms started getting better. Now I am completely free from my problem.

-Mukesh Kumar Verma (Pimple Gurav ,Pune)

I am taking my 1 year old baby for his treatment of cough & Cold. He is much better since his treatment

-Shanta Rathod

 Good treatment. Dr is very supportive. Medicines are really effective for my kids. Timings are also good, 6-9PM in evening..

-Manu Madhav ( Park Street)